Welcome to Siam Cuisine.

THAILAND (formerly known as SIAM) is a country in Southeast Asia.  It is a wet tropical land with many rivers, forests, and mountains.  The people of Thailand are called Thai.  Bangkok is the capital and largest city.

Thailand is the only nation in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized by Western power.  Local people established the first Thai nation in A.D.1238.  The county was called “Thailand”.  The Thais called their country “Muang Thai”, which means “Land of Smiles”.

Food:  Thai people eat rice with almost every meal.  Favorite foods served with rice include curry (spicy stews) and salads with meat, fish, and vegetables.  The Thai take great pride in their cuisine (style of cooking and preparing food).  Some communities are famous for their special dishes, and people often travel long distances just to taste these specialties.

Since 1984, Siam Cuisine has established itself as one of the first Thai restaurants in the Philadelphia area. Please visit one of our three locations in Philadelphia, Newtown, or Buckingham. We'd love to see you!